Thursday, May 28th, 2019

Hi, Paul. Thanks for your willingness to see if you can help us correct this problem. 

Here's the quick scenario: 

Last week we attempted to verify the domain with Outlook365. Your team added some CNAME, TXT and MX records to the DNS hoping to accomplish this, even at my request. The result was that Outlook365 DID verify the domain, but in doing so, email communication with any emails became impossible. 

Here's the communication timeline: 
1. Wednesday March 20: I gave the OK to add the record asking specifically in the email: That won't mess up what's already working, right? 

2. Thursday March 21: I communicated by email that the email was no longer working.

3. Friday March 22: I communicated by email re-addressing the concern.

4. Friday March 22: I communicated by email to add alter the email addresses associated with the account.

5. Saturday March 23: I emailed asking if anyone was addressing the email problem.

6. Sunday March 24: I emailed my concern that the email problem hadn't been addressed.

7. Monday March 25: at 12:43 Central I emailed and asked what the support schedule was? I hadn't heard from anyone about the issue since I first reported it. Still no email. So I scheduled a 30 minute Skype session for the next morning.

8. Tuesday March 26: Call scheduled for 8:00 am. 8:23 Mostafa at cs4_72 comes on the chat. After a few exchanges, Mostafa said that he needed to send the case to developers. I should expect to hear back soon.

9. Tuesday March 26: Had a scheduled reconnect progress Skype Session with call with cs3_124, Moe F. He never showed. I luckily had scheduled another Skype session for 8:00 on Wednesday.

10. Wednesday March 27: 8:00 Skype session with cs2_214 Mary A. I had much hope. By 10:16 (on and off) she said that the tech team had it. At 2:04 I heard that there was a spam issue involved. I mentioned that no emails except a very few internal ones had ever used the domain. Didn’t hear another word. Scheduled another Skype call for Thursday at 7:30 am

11. Thursday March 28: 7:00 Sent good morning messages via Skype looking for update. No show.

Now I am scared.

I have no idea what to tell my clients except that I am inept? The launch kick off is now 72 hours late, and will end up no less than a week late at best. I can’t raise any of the parties with the ability to affect the outcome . . . even when scheduled appropriately. 

I really need guidance.

CJ Coolidge