Hi, Angel. 

I submitted a bunch of info on our launch to prime the
thinking of the writers for our early publications. I asked them to help me
organize a 6 month publicity plan based on the different things we were
promoting. Andrew said that his team couldn't access our history, so they felt
inadequate to offer direction. However, he said that he would be reaching out
to support to see how to accomplish my request.

I will attach the communication for your help.

Informargin Digital competed with advertising agencies,
digital media companies, website creators, digital marketers, SEO and web
campaign designers with a fully integrated platform targeted to serve the
millions of local and non-technical SMBs by delivering a risk free transition
into digital marketing.

I would prefer that we create several different releases
surrounding the launch maintaining the overall thread of the total risk
reversal surrounding web based, or online marketing for non technical or local

Soft launch next week.

Grand opening April 1.

Each release would be an announcement of one of the product
offerings, or a few suites of products.


Here is a short list of services that can be split among
multiple release announcements:

1. Results in
Advance SEO

a. Your Website
with Your Keyword Phrases Ranking on Page One OR - You Don’t Pay…Simple!

b. Stop using
SEO strategies that may or may not get results. Informargin guarantees
customized pay-for-performance SEO strategy will turn those clicks into sales.

2. Results in
Advance Advertising

a. Advertise on
the best websites & apps FOR FREE and only pay for in-store sales.

b. 500% ROI

c. You Pay Only
for In-Store Sales

d. No more
guess work regarding your online marketing efforts

e. Acquire new
customers from +1500 network of top publishers such as Yelp, Bank of America,
Virgin Airlines, and many more.

f. Retain
customers with cashback offers

g. Pay only
after you get paid

3. Facebook Ad

a. Social
advertising with guaranteed performance or your money back*

b. Your
Facebook ad will be seen by your target audience at least 8 times per campaign
or get that month’s money back*

4. Google
3-pack Guarantee

Q: What's the secret to guaranteed Google rankings?

A: Relevance.

Q: What's the secret of guaranteed relevance?

A: Acknowledgement by relevant major media.

Q: What's the secret to acknowledgement by relevant major

A: Informargin Digital Media services offers guaranteed
acknowledgement and Google 3-Pack

5. Custom
Professional HD Video Spots

a. If you want
to get the attention necessary to get the attention of your prospects and
buyers, your message requires professional video production.

b. Video is
what your prospects are looking for, and volunteering to pay attention to.

c. We create HD
quality, beautifully designed video spots to be strategically used in all your
communications and social media.

d. Professional.
Polished. Entertaining. Affordable.

e. Our creation
platform is cutting edge so that it handles most of the labor intense
production that makes video so expensive.

f. Perfect
with Informargin's Facebook Ad Optimization Service.

6. Affordable
Mobile App Development

a. When email
and social media are your best digital tools for communicating with your market
and serving your clients, you have a problem. What's worse: you may not even
know it.

b. Today,
digital giants are everywhere. What's more, they already know more about you,
your customers, your market, and your opportunity than you can ever hope to
know. You need to wake up and compete at a whole new level.

c. Informargin
will enable you to start to move away from the expensive and ineffective
practices of the 20th century and into the data driven digital world where
modern enterprises are flourishing

Here is some copy from a Facebook page.

Transitioning from traditional to digital marketing is a
terrifying proposition. Everything about it is loaded with risk.

At the same time, if you DON'T make the leap soon, your
company will become irrelevant, and you'll be gone. Read on and we'll show you
how critical it is that you start now. Best of all, we'll show you how
Informargin has taken all the risk out of the picture for you with our results
based pricing models and money back guarantees.

Digital Expertise: Essential for Survival in the 21st

Do you want to keep struggling to get more customers? Or
patients? Or clients? Are you committed to work harder hoping that, in time,
things will turn around? Is it ridiculous to consider that if you continue that
route things can only get worse?

You work harder and sell less. It’s tougher to get qualified
prospects to pay serious attention to what you can do. In fact, people who
would have been your most valuable and loyal clients 10 years ago will most
likely not even notice you today.

Technology changed just about everything related to
communication and influence over the last decade. While everyone else was
mesmerized by new gadgets, apps, videos and connectivity, Google, Facebook, and
Amazon et al identified attention the goal. And they perfected the art, and
have become pervasive, proficient and relentless in their pursuit.

Who’s your real competition?

It’s not a local company down the street. (Those companies
are fighting the same digital giants you're fighting for prospects’ attention.)

You need to recognize this reality as the new competitive
landscape. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be become and the
more expensive it will be.

Sure, it's a scary change and the risks are huge. But we've
created a way to mitigate and even eliminate those risks in many cases.

The Informargin Digital Platform offers risk free entry
points into digital marketing. Our Results in Advance and Money Back Guarantee
programs are perfect vehicles to help you transition your company into the
Digital Age.

Let me know how to “order” these.